Multi Channel Trading Platform


Over the years we have helped many retailers build and extend the systems they use to run their businesses. During this time we have learnt a great deal about starting and operating retail businesses. Working side by side with our clients, we have experienced great successes but also learnt some tough lessons. Early in 2015 we decided to use this wealth of experience to launch a platform that will allow start up retailers to get their business running with a solid foundation.

What is it

The Proverb2 Multi Channel Trading platform is a system which takes care of all aspects of your business. Our objective is that every action and process you need to carry out to operate an effective retail business is performed on this system. No separate systems, spreadsheets, papers, folders or hidden processes.

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More than a website

Not only does our platform provide you with an industry strength web storefront, but is also provides functionality for all other business functions: customer services, finance, warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing, accounting, planning, human resources and point of sale (tills). Having these functions running seamlessly together (not as separate systems) allows you to control all aspects of your business from one system.

Get off on the right foot

Many ecommerce retailers start by selling using a web store front alone and, if they are successful, then they will quickly run into operational problems as they struggle to keep tabs on purchases, stock, accounts etc.

With our trading platform your business will get the best possible start with all vital business functions taken care of and under control using one system.

How does it work

The platform is built using established open source software packages to give you a fully featured web storefront ,for sales and marketing, which is integrated with an industry strength Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which provides all back office business functions and and Point of Sale functionality. Both elements have a wealth of plug in modules available to extend the already comprehensive core functionality that is available.

The platform is cloud based so the only software required for business users is a web browser (and an internet connection). Each client has their own instance of the platform so there is no risk of sensitive information being shared across our customers.


Please contact us to discuss prices.

There will be a setup fee to create your instance of the platform and cover any configuration specific to your organisation. Then there will be a flat rate monthly hosting and support fee to cover the costs of running your instance of the platform. The only additional cost will be the fees payable to your payment service provider for handling your customer payments.

Reference clients

Our first client for the platform is Suffolk Socks. This online (and pop up shop) retailer of wool and other products relating to Sock Knitting, were considering using the usual start up ecommerce retailer services (you know who they are) but once they start on our platform they quickly discovered the advantages of having a system that helps them manage suppliers, purchases, invoices and stock. This has allowed them to concentrate on marketing & buying & merchandising rather than keeping track of purchases and stock. As a result their sales have increased steadily since launch earlier this year and the outlook is very promising.

If you would like more information then please contact us.